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sale One of the main advantages of renovating baths with the use of self-leveling (liquid) acrylic is the reasonable price for services while maintaining high quality. In comparison with other methods of renovation, using liquid acrylic “pouring method” not only attracts reasonable cost, but is also durable. Repairs by “pouring method” is suitable for any type of baths: both enameled cast iron and acrylic with a worn surface. When renovating with liquid acrylic, the configuration and location of the bath does not matter which means that any bath can be resurfaced.


Liquid acrylic is an alternative to replacing old plumbing, which allows you to avoid a lot of additional costs and significantly speeds up the repair process. Dismantling the bath often leads to damage to the wall and floor tiles, which greatly complicates and delays the repair process. In addition, when you need to buy a new bath, you often have to change faucets and other plumbing. Furthermore, adding the cost for transportation, installation and connection, it turns out quite an impressive amount. Payment for the services offered by the specialists who will carry out all these works should not be forgotten.

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Bath resurfacing
Bath resurfacing
Shower Tray
  • Acrylic Eco Bath™ technology
  • Ready for use in 24 hours
  • Odourless
Price: £320
Bath resurfacing
Bath resurfacing for a conventional type bath
  • Acrylic Eco Bath™ technology
  • Ready for use in 24 hours
  • Odourless
Price: £400
Bath resurfacing
Bath resurfacing for Roll Top style bath
  • Acrylic Eco Bath™ technology
  • Ready for use in 24 hours
  • Odourless
Price: £430

Additional services

re-surfaced If the bath has been re-surfaced before £49
Dismantle Dismantle a drain and overflow trim £19
Drain and Overflow Trim Kit Drain and overflow trim kit £29
Color adding Colored bath (color adding) £19
Abrasive cleaning baths Abrasive cleaning baths £19
bath in a bath Dismantling acrylic liner (bath in a bath) £69
outside of London If you are located outside of London £49

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Bath resurfacing cost in London

Bath resurfacing cost

Renovation of the bath with liquid acrylic costs customers 2-3 times cheaper than completely replacing it.
Why is this method so profitable, popular and affordable?

How Much Does Bath Resurfacing Cost?

  • There is no need to pay for the services of several employees because only one person is enough to carry out the work in a few hours;

  • Dismantling the bath is not required in renovating the bath with self-leveling (liquid) acrylic, which makes the whole process much easier and faster;

  • There is a significant savings on the renovation of the bathroom due to the fact that in the work process the nearby surfaces do not get damaged and the replacement of plumbing is not required;

  • Even the best varieties of liquid acrylic are quite affordable, and when ordering specialist for restoration services, the amount paid by the client is proportional to the amount of material used;

  • Renovating baths with self-leveling (liquid) acrylic allows apartment residents to save money on the purchase of expensive cleaning and disinfection products;

  • Self-leveling (liquid) acrylic used for plumbing repairs is not comparable in durability to other materials. The bath covered with it becomes durable and resistant to external influences, so it can serve for about 15 years, while maintaining all its qualities.

How Much Does Bath Resurfacing Cost?

Enameling Liquid acrylic renewing
Cost of work from £199 from £199
Operation life check 1-3 years check more than 15 years
Repeated call check Mandatory check No
Time of work check from 4 hours check 2-3 hours
Presence of smell check yes check no
Solidification time check from 3 days check from 16 hours
Main difference

Complementary services

The cost of restoration of the self-leveling (liquid) acrylic available, even on a limited budget for repairs. The exact figures vary depending on several factors:

  • The size of the bath

    The size of the bath determines the amount of material needed for the work. The larger the bath, the higher the price.

  • Variety

    Depending on the type of liquid acrylic used, the cost of the service may also vary. Materials with the addition of silver nanoparticles, quick-drying acrylic and some other types differ in price.

  • Addition of color pastes

    Covering the bath with colored acrylic and the addition of color pastes to give the surface the desired shade and coating with a standard material of snow-white color will differ in cost from each other.

  • Associated plumbing work

    Services such as sealing the bath edge or related plumbing work are paid additionally.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 answer

How payment is made?

PaymentThe full calculation of the cost of services for the bath renovation is negotiated before work is started. Upon completion, you accept the work, sign the acceptance certificate, the contract, and then make the payment.

How is the work performed?

How is the work performedIf the old siphon is needed to be replaced, a master removes it. Next, the master performs an abrasive surface cleaning. Then, there is a chemical treatment of the bath surface with acidic compositions, so all organic matter get neutralized. And the final stage, the surface of the bath is covered with liquid acrylic by using filling method.

What is the material?

ecopel-acrylicTo renew the bath we use liquid acrylic brand "Ecopel".
The solidification time of the material is 24 and 48 hours.
The material is odorless, i.e. non-toxic.

What is the guarantee for services?

Our company provides an official 3 years guarantee for all types of work performed. The service life of the material is 15-20 years, if used correctly.

Liner or acrylic?

The acrylic liner is crackedThe problem with liner is that it will never fit tightly to the tub and there is a space between it and the tub. From the deformation over time, cracks are formed, through which moisture enters, fungus forms and as a result, an unpleasant smell in the bathroom. When using the pouring method, the material fills all the irregularities, creating an additional layer, as a result, the bath is a cast.

A white and shiny bath improves the interior look of the bathroom, making it visually new and aesthetic. Customers get a new-looking and impeccable performance bath that will serve the apartment residents for many years if they choose renovation with the use of liquid acrylic by the "Bath Repair London" company. Bath repaired by liquid acrylic “pouring method” provides an optimal ratio of affordable cost, durability, speed and quality of performance.


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