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Bath Repair London
Bath Repair London
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Bath Resurfacing in London

work process

Bath Resurfacing with liquid acrylic is a procedure by which the specialist restores the damaged surface of the bath, returning its elegant shine and whiteness of the product. To date, this is the best alternative than to replace a bath, because it requires minimal cost, time and effort to get a flawless appearance, pleasant to use and long-lasting result.

Bath Repair London

Due to the fact that the bath is used daily by all residents of the apartment, so its appearance should be pleasant and aesthetic, and the surface clean and hygienic. Unfortunately, the bath is not always used carefully on daily basis for example, every now and then bottles, shower watering etc. fall into the bath which can scratch or crack the surface. This creates marks on the bath that cannot be removed. All this not only makes the bath unpleasant to use, but also worsens the interior of the bathroom as a whole.

If you have had such an experience before, you probably would have thought of replacing the bath. Do not rush to take an action, dismantling the bath can be avoided. The "Bath Repair London" company offers customers a means of resurfacing their baths with liquid acrylic. This method has received a lot of positive feedback, as it provides everything that the customers expect from a high-quality modern service. Bath restoration by “pouring method” is beautiful, fast, affordable and durable.

The method of renovation used by the "Bath Repair London" company (Pouring method) involves high-quality materials and perfect execution. The work is carried out by qualified craftsmen with many years of experience, which guarantee a smooth, uniform coating without bald spots, unnecessary terrain and streaks. The process of renovating the bath with liquid acrylic involves a certain sequence of actions which determines the final result and service life of the applied coating.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the guarantee for the services?

dealOur company provides an official guarantee for all types of work performed for a period of 5 years The service life of the renovated bath is 15-20 years if used correctly.

How payment is made?

PaymentThe full calculation of the cost of services for the bath renovation is negotiated before work is started. Upon completion, you accept the work, sign the acceptance certificate, the contract, and then make the payment.

How long does the work take?

How long?The entire process of preparing and coating the bath with liquid acrylics takes around 2 hours (depending on the complexity of the work it can take up to 3hours). The time for the complete drying of the material is about 24 to 48 hours. During the work and subsequent hardening of the material, there is no smell.

Why do you need to renovate the bath?

Flat renting

Inexpensive repair

Little children

Price for Bath Resurfacing until with 35% discount!
Bath resurfacing
Bath resurfacing
Shower Tray
  • Acrylic Eco Bath™ technology
  • Ready for use in 24 hours
  • Odourless
Price: £320
Bath resurfacing
Bath resurfacing for a conventional type bath
  • Acrylic Eco Bath™ technology
  • Ready for use in 24 hours
  • Odourless
Price: £400
Bath resurfacing
Bath resurfacing for Roll Top style bath
  • Acrylic Eco Bath™ technology
  • Ready for use in 24 hours
  • Odourless
Price: £430

Additional services

re-surfaced If the bath has been re-surfaced before £49
Dismantle Dismantle a drain and overflow trim £19
Drain and Overflow Trim Kit Drain and overflow trim kit £29
Color adding Colored bath (color adding) £19
Abrasive cleaning baths Abrasive cleaning baths £19
bath in a bath Dismantling acrylic liner (bath in a bath) £69
outside of London If you are located outside of London £49

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Bath Repairs in London


The restoration of baths with liquid acrylic has gained the trust of specialists in London and the UK and has become popular among customers due to its significant advantages.
Our company has been using this technology since 2011, and the accumulated experience suggests that the method used to renovate the bath justifies the time and money.

  • Thanks to the strength and reliability of acrylic, because baths renovated by acrylic can serve at least another 20 years. With proper care, the appearance of the renovated products will remain on throughout this period.

  • Dismantling the bath will not be required if liquid acrylic is chosen for the renovation, which means that the client will be able to avoid a lot difficulties and unnecessary expenses. The work takes only a few hours, which saves the most important resource that is time.

  • Liquid acrylic conforms to the strict requirements of environmental safety. The material does not cause harm to the environment and humans in both liquid and solid form, it does not emit toxic substances and is completely neutral.

  • Reasonable pricing for acrylic coating allows you to talk about savings of up to 70% of the cost when compared with the purchase and installation of a new bath. Given the long-term service provided by acrylic surface, it is safe to talk about the benefits of this method for the client.

Bath Resurfacing
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What Is Bath Resurfacing? - The Process

  • Preparation of the bath

    Preparation of the bath

    Cleaning the bath before coating

    In order to get the surface ready for coating, disconnect the bath tap from water supply, remove the drain cover and overflow outlet, as well as other elements that may interfere with the process. The first stage of preparation involves the removal of worn, old enamel along with all its defects.

    The task of the specialist is to make the surface uniform, getting rid of all traces of damage existing on it. To do this, he scrapes the enamel with a sheet of sandpaper, adding an abrasive powder, or speeds up the process with a sander which has a special nozzle.

    The dust formed during the process is carefully removed, after which the surface remains disinfected and degreased. All this contributes to good coupling and long-term usage without material detachments.

  • Application of acrylic

    Coating the bath with acrylic

    Coating the bath with acrylic

    Acrylic-based hardener mixed in the proportions indicated by the manufacturer. Viability and mixtures suitable for restoration limited in time, so must be mixed acrylic immediately before application to already prepared surface.

    For the method of "Tanker bath" does not require brushes or other tools, acrylic poured neat stream, starting at the top. After processing the upper part around the circumference, the master gradually descends below until the material will not cover the entire area. If the acrylic is applied correctly, in the process he leveled to form a flat and smooth surface. Excess material flow into the drain hole where previously put capacity for this.

    In case of impossibility of dismantling the drainage system, draining into the lower hole set special tube to prevent ingress of material into the sewer.

Over the next 2 days, the acrylic should be completely kept dry so that the bathroom can be used. The “Bath Repair London” company can also offer options for liquid acrylic with a shortened drying time, up to 24 hours.


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The "Bath Repair London" company carries out all the work on the restoration/resurfacing of baths with consistently high quality, on time and with the provision of guarantee. Our specialists bring back the shiny and white surface of the bath, and the client will be saved from unnecessary expenses and inconveniences.

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